What we do

Studio Storico is firstly a bridge between the present and the past.

We provide a service of recovery and treatment of civil state documents, identifying documents and cadastral documents all over tha Italian national territory. This idea comes from the awareness of the lenghtiness that characterises the bureacucracy of public administration and services and it wants to impact as a valid form of cooperation to the public administration itself. Our aim is to systematize and make quicker the process of recovering information – exclusive product of the public administration – paying the right attention to every single detail and step.

Furthermore we offer other important parallel services of historical assessment, especially addressing stranger beneficiaries, like the reconstruction of genealogy for the recognition of the Italian citizenship iure sanguinis. Studio Storico offers this service to descendants of Italian emigrants willing to reconstruct their historical roots in order to achieve the opportunity to enjoy the economical, social and political rights that belong to the status of European citizen.