Citizenship, stay permits and family rejoining applications

This service especially addresses all sons, grandsons and descendants of Italian emigrants willing to reconstruct thier historical roots in order to obtain the Italian citizenship, so to have the opporunity to enjoy the economical, social and political rights of a European Union’s citizen.

The difficulties of recovering an historical document for an Italian’s descendant are really extremes, both because of the distance that divides Italy from emigration’s countries and for the complexity of the Italian archival system.

The presence on the territory of the research increases exponentially the possibility of success of the research itself. Nobody, from Argentina, Brazil or United States can get to the aspired documentation with datas often incompletes: without the right awareness, the variables that pop up are so much independents to make almost impossible the historical research by commission and/or by mail.

It is exactly starting from other’s mistakes that Studio Storico achieved the virtues of this job and it works with the specific methodology of the historical investigation that, developed and empowered, always brought to concrete results.

The origin of the requests does not bind our operating ability.

Studio Storico, through its professionals, assists, informs and shares with the customer their own research project, so to make them aware of the whole state of arts. Once concluded, both with positive or negative results, a complete tracking of the research will be provided.

Before the beginning of every project, Studio Storico provides a free and complete estimation of the cost.

We work with full respect of the person’s privacy and of the historical deontology that protects them.

Furthermore  our can provide practical and legal assistance for stay permits and family rejoining applications.