Civil State certificates & legal documentation

For the documentation that Studio Storico is able to recover, please see the list below:


  •  Cadastral acts

Through the ‘Archivio Cartaceo del Catasto’ it is possible to consult documents stored in the papery archive of the Cadastral Office. The cadastral datas have been informatized only from 1973. All the older acts need to be consulted at this office; the Historical Office of Studio Storico will be at your disposal for the research.

  • Notarial acts

The ‘Copia dell’Atto Notarile’ is the document of a notarial act compiled by the notary or copy of its transcription in the archives. The service allows to recover a copy of an act (trade act, auction sale, mortgage opening, donation, succession or property distraint) stipulated by the notary and registered in the ‘Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari’.

  • Conservatoria’s act

The research in the ‘Archivio Cartaceo della Conservatoria’ is made by our Historical Office in order to reconstruct the framework of the estates of a person or enterprise in a determined city/province. There are conserved all the trades, sales, mortgages, mortgages’ deletions, loans, distraints, donations and successions concerning real estate recorded from the beginning of the papery recording till the creation of the informatized database.

  • Certificate of ‘Stato di Famiglia’ (Family State);

  • Historical Certificate of ‘Stato di Famiglia’ (Family State);

  • Birth’s Certificate/Extract;

  • Death’s Certificate/Extract;

  • Marriage’s Certificate/Extract;

  • Certificate of ‘Stato Libero’ (stating the ‘Single’ civil status of a person);

  • Residence’s Certificate;

  • Citizenship’s Certificate;


  •  List of military enrolment;
  • State of service or military "Ruolo matricolare"; 


  •  Baptism’s Certificate;

The Baptism’s certificate contains and certifies the information, transcripted in the religious records, concerning the baptism. Inside the document the personal information of the baptised are specified (name, surname, date and place of birth, date and place of the baptism, record’s number), as well as paternity and maternity. It is necessary in order to get married by religious ceremony in Church.

It is possible to request the document only if the baptism has been celebrated in Orthodox Ecclesiastic Communities, Vaudois churches, Methodist churches, Baptist churches, Lutheran churches, Anglican churches and those administrated in the name of the Holy Trinity. It is not possible to request it for the Jehovah’s Witnesses and for Mormons, because they lack the essential reference to the Holy Trinity.

  • Confirmation’s Certificate